Friendship — what is it?

February 22, 2021

Friendship. How often do we pronounce this word, absolutely without thinking about its deep meaning? But the concept of "friendship" is very ancient, it goes back to ancient times.

Legends and legends were formed about friendship, on the example of which many generations were brought up. Friendship was sung and sung by poets, films are made about it, songs are composed about it, it is carried through the whole life by those to whom it is given from above.


What is it?

Friendship is a selfless personal relationship between people based on common interests and interests, on mutual respect. This is how Wikipedia describes this concept.


But I do not want to talk about friendship in the dry language of sensible dictionaries. I want to write poems about real friendship, sing about it. After all, this is not just mutual trust, affection, and spending time together. This is a certain state of mind, an inner connection that unites hearts and souls, a desire to empathize and support each other. Very often, friends are bound by deeper ties than blood kinship.


By and large, friendship is one of the manifestations of love.


There is an opinion that the strongest friendship comes from childhood. Often, having made friends in kindergarten or at school, friends carry these relationships through their entire lives, proudly telling their children and grandchildren about them.


In fact, age does not matter at all if an invisible thread is stretched from heart to heart, connecting

kindred spirits.


Who can you call a friend?


A friend, as Wikipedia explains — is a twin, a comrade, a named brother, but not a blood relative.


A friend can be called a person who understands that friendship is a round-the-clock concept. Only a friend is ready at any time of the day or night to pick up the phone, listen or rush to help, without demanding anything in return. Like in a good children's song:


There are friends and for the Friends don't have days off!


A friend is a person you can rely on, who will never let you down or betray you.


To be friends is not to live a friend's life instead. To be friends is to always be close


Why do we need friendship?

Is it possible to do without friends? For most people, no. No wonder people say that friendship gives strength, confidence, cleanses the soul. With anyone, like with a friend, over a cup of delicious tea or aromatic coffee, you can discuss your problems, share your innermost thoughts and dreams, and sometimes just be silent together.


Most people do not accept loneliness, and in modern society, it is impossible to completely isolate yourself from society, to close in your shell. Even the most closed person has at least one person whom he can call a friend.


When a person has one true friend, he is already fabulously rich. Even the great Cicero said that neither water nor fire we do not use as often as friendship. And they also say that there are not many friends.


Why does this happen, why do people need friends? It's very simple. Every person needs someone's attention, support, and care. To whom, if not to a friend or girlfriend, can you entrust your innermost thoughts and secrets, with whom else can you discuss the circumstances and events taking place in life? What could be better than a boyfriend or girlfriend who can sincerely enjoy the success and achievements, sympathize with the grief, and give wise counsel?


What is true friendship made of?


In fact, true friendship can not be decomposed into components, squeezed into templates or frames.

It is multi-faceted and individual, and in each case has its own system of connections and relationships.


But there are still some fundamental components of friendship. This:


  • Trust and respect
  • Emotional connection and mutual assistance
  • Consistency and lack of competition
  • Self-sacrifice and honesty
  • Fostering positive qualities
  • Selflessness and faith in friendship


What spoils a friendship?


Unfortunately, in our time of far-fetched standards, true friendship is increasingly becoming a real luxury. Maintaining a friendship is an art, but it's pretty easy to ruin a relationship. Such qualities as envy, cunning, excessive curiosity, and the use of a friend for selfish purposes can not only spoil friendly relations but also sow enmity between friends.



There is nothing worse for friendship than envy. This vice is often fatal to both parties. Envy can push the envious person to any meanness, treachery, to deceit.



If a friend is capable of deceit for the sake of his own selfish goals — a penny is a price of such a friendship. It simply has no future, because sooner or later the secret becomes clear, and then comes the disappointment and pain of losing a loved one.

Excessive curiosity

Even the closest friend has the right to small secrets, to his own line, beyond which no one has the right to cross. When the excessive curiosity of a loved one becomes too intrusive, it can cause irritation.

 If there is too much curiosity, the irritation can turn into dislike. And this is the first step towards cooling the relationship.


Using a friend for personal gain

And this is the hardest test for friendship. What could be more terrible than being disappointed in a  friend who uses the trust of a loved one for his own selfish purposes?


How does friendship differ from love?

There is a very fine line between friendship and love. Friendship is even sometimes called "non-sexual marriage". Naturally, friends do not marry in the literal sense of the word, but all other components, except sexual ones, are present in both friendship and love. This is mutual support, help, loyalty, interest in each other, constancy, joint pastime. True, in marriage, all this is much more, but in friendship-it is better and more interesting.


How does friendship differ from camaraderie?

Comrades are not friends, they are a circle of friends whose communication is reduced to a common worldview or a common view of some things. Such people can be united by interests, by a joint business, or by work.


Camaraderie can often precede friendship.


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