Yellowing of teeth makes you ashamed of your smile.. Here's the solution!

February 27, 2021

Do you suffer from the yellowing of teeth? Have you ever tried recipes without benefit? Do you want to restore your smile without being embarrassed by the yellowing of teeth?

Yellowing of teeth contributes to the loss of the original color, and a combination of factors contribute to this, including:

Genetic factor: a person may inherit an enamel layer of weak thickness, and enamel: the first outer layer of the tooth.

Aging: the enamel layer begins to wear with age and loses its hardness, causing it to yellow.

Smoking: this is mainly due to the fact that the cigarette contains toxic substances that negatively affect the tooth and cause it yellow in color.

Dental hygiene: irregular washing of teeth, laxity in it, leads to the accumulation of germs and bacteria in the form of a yellow layer.

Bleeding teeth: the internal bleeding of the tooth causes the gum tissue to be affected, the latter is damaged, and the blood residue accumulates, and the tissues

Carbonated drinks contain significant amounts of soda, which causes the enamel to erode and then yellow, as well as caffeinated tea and coffee, which increase the likelihood of yellowing of teeth.

Added to the list of products that include high percentages of processed sugars, they cause yellowing even slightly, as well as colored substances that are usually in fruits such as grapes and cherries, as well as lead to yellowing to interact with the enamel layer.

Some medications such as antibiotics, some types of mouthwash, and high blood pressure medications remain causes of yellowing.

How to avoid the yellowing of teeth and reduce their severity?

Daily habits through drinking water a lot, as this helps in the work systems of the glands as well as the secretion of saliva. Avoid yellowing foods as much as possible, replace the toothbrush every 60 days.

  • Eat certain foods: especially those that contain vitamin C, which reduces tooth decay, eliminates internal bleeding, and foods that contain antioxidants as the latter help in the process of damaging the layer of bacteria that occupy the enamel.
  • Eat carrots and apples: rich in substances and enzymes that kill accumulated bacteria and contain healthy dietary fiber.
  • Milk and dairy products: it is known that these products are rich in calcium, which brings to the enamel layer of minerals that have been lost due to the accumulation of bacteria, which helped in the process of removing dirt accumulated around the tooth.
  • Use sodium bicarbonate and be sure to use toothpaste that does not have a large amount of fluoride that changes the color of the original tooth.
  • Use dental floss before brushing.
  • The use of hydrogen peroxide, due to its superior ability to eliminate bacteria with its bleaching properties, through rinsing or mixing sodium bicarbonate.
  • Apple cider vinegar: where is important to lighten the color of teeth from new, however, its frequent use may affect the enamel layer coalition, so use it with caution not exceed use it once a week.
  • Fruit enzymes: like strawberries or pineapple by adding them to toothpaste where they remove stains and yellowing.
  • Avoid taking medications without medical advice, such as gastric ulcer medications that contain antihistamines; which in turn lead to yellowing of the tooth

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