5.  You may experience an allergic reaction, which may not be immediate

Mangoes contain urushiol, a kind of oil that even gifts in poison sumac, poison oak, and poison common ivy. If you're allergic to the current compound you'll develop associate hypersensitivity sort of a rash around your mouth.

What is strange is that you just might not react thereto at once however perhaps at intervals a pair of days of getting consumed mangoes.

4. Unripe mangoes can be bad for your digestive system

Usually, unripe mangoes aren't consumed, however simply viewing them you can not say if they're totally mature or no. If you eat them before they're mature and prepared then you'll expertise abdomen pain.

Also, if you're intolerant to dietary laevulose then notwithstanding what variety of mango you eat, you may expertise abdomen cramping, pain, and bloating.